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TripIt For Windows Phone 7: Manage & Plan Your Travels On The Go

While Android and iOS users have had TripIt for quite a while now, the official app of said web service is now available to Windows Phone 7 users too. For those who don’t know, TripIt is a service that manages each and every aspect of your local or international travelling plans. Planning a trip can be a real headache, especially when you are going to a completely new place. But now you don’t have to worry about that, this free app will take care of everything from car rental to reservations, and will also suggest the most fun-filled activities you can indulge in when you reach your destination.

TripIt Plan Categories

When we say TripIt takes care of every aspect of traveling, we mean every aspect. Just a glance at the categories should be enough to confirm that. The categories list all aspects of the trip that the app allows you to plan. From when you leave for your destination in a cab to when you arrive back from the airport after your long trip, TripIt has it all covered.

Sign UpTrip Add

If you don’t already have a TripIt account, you’ll need to sign up before being able to use the app. The sign up procedure is simple. All you need to do is enter your e-mail, a new password and then activate your newly created account from your mailbox. Now you can start adding as many trips to the app as you want. To create a new trip, you have to give it a name, enter your destination and duration. There’s also an option to make the trip private which means that TripIt will make sure that none of your data doesn’t go public and you maintain anonymity.

Trip DetailsTrip People

The level of detail TripIt brings to your trip plan is amazing (and, at times, a bit overwhelming). Literally nothing is overlooked. For instance, in the Restaurant category, there are options which let you log its name, address, description, time and date of your expected meal there, cuisine, confirmation number, table number and comments! But don’t be alarmed. All fields are optional. To keep everything in perspective, it is better if you use the app spatially, just the way you would plan a real trip.

If you have some fellow travellers, or your family, with you, TripIt makes sure that your companions are taken into account for everything too. All in all, it is a complete app for everything related to travelling and, being free, is definitely worth a try.

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