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Trover Brings Photo-Based Location Tagging & Discovery To iPhone

You might be a little confused by the the title, but you read that right, it’s not location-based tagging of photos, but the other way around. The concept behind the Trover app is unique enough to warrant a caption like that. For iOS users, there are a bundle of apps dealing with travel and photo sharing, but this app somehow manages to combine these two utilities in one, allowing users to see what attractions lie near them. And by “seeing” we mean really see, as a picture uploaded by past users! So rather than merely reading about a place and the attractions it offers, you can actually see every notable thing related to a particular area, and learn loads more that way.

TroverHome Screen Trover

The app’s interface gives you the feeling that you really are travelling through different sites located near you. As you scroll down, the distance from your current location (displayed at the top of the app) keeps on increasing too, along with change in recommended mode of travel. You can walk to a place within a mile of your present location, but you’ll have to take an airplane to travel a thousand miles.

Nearby PlaceMap

The pics you see on Trover’s homepage are sorted on the basis of their distance from your current location. Once you tap a certain picture, the place’s details are displayed along with the comments from users who have visited it in the past. Scroll down from the details and you will get the map of the location related to your current whereabouts. If you really like a place you have discovered, you have option to share it with your contacts on Twitter and Facebook or via e-mail.


The feeds and featured sections show the photos added by users who might be near you or anywhere in the world (based on the popularity of the post). All in all, a pretty good app, with a neat interface and cool concept and to top it all, it’s free! Click the download link at the end to grab Trover from the iTunes App Store.

Download Trover for iOS

Update: Trover 1.4.0 supports landscape mode for most photos, and in addition to that it is also possible to link the places you tag on Facebook with the app’s own photo map. The interface of Trover is much cleaner thanks to the latest update, and the tabbed browsing approach has been replaced by single-screen search.


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