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TuneIn Radio Updated To v2.0 For Windows Phone Mango, Can Now Stream In Background

So after yesterday’s excitement with the release of Mango, things have started to settle down a bit and the awesomeness of Windows Phone 7’s latest update has started to sink in. Hopefully, you have updated using our guide to force Mango update even if it hasn’t been offered to you till now for if you have, here’s a gem of an app that has hopped onto the Mango bandwagon and makes use of the new features pretty handsomely. TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone Mango, like its Android variant, allows you to listen to countless radio stations from all over the world and even suggests your local radio stations. But the Mango-revamped version’s positives go far beyond that. Find more about it past the break.

PlayingTuneIn Home

First of all, the big news: TuneIn Radio can now run in the background! This may not be such a big deal for other platforms but it is a relatively new feature for Windows Phone 7 apps. Once a station is playing, it appears in the top volume bar just as the stock radio channels appear.

The home page has 7 categories with a bundle of radio channels from around the globe. Pick one and you will be awed by the number of channels under it. But still if you don’t find what you are looking for you can simply search for any channel by name, genre or location. Following are the categories supported by TuneIn Radio.

  1. Local Radio
  2. Music
  3. Talk
  4. Sports
  5. By Location
  6. By Language
  7. Podcasts


The Local Radio option is pretty amazing and makes use of your current location to suggest channels near you. The streaming rate is pretty good and a moderately good connection will suffice. If you really like a station, you can save it to the presets section. The app is perfect for sports fans as well, as the sports section in it offers some pretty good sports channels and broadcasts. TuneIn also comes with the ability to pin any channel of your choice to the start screen. If you are into listening to Podcasts, the app helps you with that too. TuneIn Radio has some pretty decent controls and sharing options, and you can even categorize channels based on their language or popularity. And for all that, the app will cost you nothing. That’s right. TuneIn Radio is absolutely free. You can download the app at the link given below.

Download TuneIn Radio

[via WPCentral]

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