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TuneUp Mobile For iPhone Released; Fixes iTunes Library Metadata & Provides Song Recognition

Quite a long time ago, we covered a now-quite-popular iTunes plug-in called TuneUp, which allows users to, well, tune-up their iTunes music library, filling in all the missing metadata and finding cover art for tracks. If you like to pay attention to detail, then you are sure to love TuneUp. Now, won’t it be really useful if there were some way of directly diagnosing the mistakes in your iPhone’s library, without having to connect to iTunes? Well, with the release of the official TuneUp Mobile app for iOS, now there is. The app not only helps you fix song titles from within your iDevice, it also recognizes any song that is being played around you (much like the famous track recognition apps, Shazam and SoundHound).

TuneUp Mobile TuneUp Mobile Genius

To use the diagnostic tool in TuneUp, hit the brain icon in the top right corner of the app. Once you have done that, a list of all the mistakes in the Music library of your iPhone will be presented to you. The errors detected by the app include mistakes in song title, artist and album names. In addition to that, you will also be able to see if any of the tracks are missing album art. To fix these issues, you will have to download the desktop version of TuneUp, but it is nice to just know the errors, as you can utilize third-party solutions like MusicBrainz for the purpose as well.

TuneUp Mobile History TuneUp Mobile Song Info TuneUp Mobile Lyrics

To use the music recognition features of TuneUp Mobile, hit the Listen button in the bottom bar as soon as an unknown song starts playing around you. When the song has been recognized by the TuneUp app, you will be taken to its dedicated page, from where you can download it from the iTunes store and view the track’s lyrics. TuneUp also logs the current location of the user at the time of the song’s detection, so that you can later be reminded of the place where you first heard that song. TuneUp Mobile keeps track of all the songs discovered using the app, which can prove to be a useful feature in a number of situations.

TuneUp Mobile is available as a free download, and in an iPhone-optimized version only. If you just hate to see your music library in disarray, TuneUp Mobile is a must-have app for you, and you can grab it by heading to the following link.

Download TuneUp Mobile

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