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Tweet Time For iPhone: One-Stop-Shop For Instant Sharing Over Twitter [iOS 5]

iOS 5 brought deep Twitter integration to the Apple’s mobile platform, providing users with fast sharing over the micro-blogging network from within its various native apps, but there is always room for improvement, and Tweet Time for iPhone aims to fill whatever gap there is left in said functionality. Much like InstaTweet and Twicon, the app focuses on providing you a quick and painless way to tweet. Not only that, it allows you to share your current location, Now Playing music, random quotes and even device details, all in a couple of taps. There are many similar apps and tweaks available for jailbreak users, but tweet Time is unique because of its availability in the App Store.

Tweet Time iOS Tweet Time Location

Using Tweet Time is simple; the app launches to iOS 5’s native Tweet window, allowing you to start composing tweets right away. This functionality alone makes the app quite handy, but there’s more to it than that. What holds Tweet Time apart from the two similar apps mentioned earlier is that it provides you with few extra quick-sharing options. Select Cancel from within the Tweet window to view said templates. To bring the Tweet window back up, simply tap Credits and switch back to the Tweet Sheet tab. Tapping Tweet Location creates a new tweet containing a Google Maps link to your present location, Device Details tweets your iDevice’s name along with the version of iOS running on it, Tweet Now Playing shares the title of whatever song you’re currently listening to, along with its album art, and Random Quote, as its name suggests, composes tweets from random sayings fetched from the web. You can, of course, make changes to each tweet before posting it.

Editor’s note: Next to the app’s focus on fast tweeting, Random Quotes is our favorite thing about the app. It is ideal for times when you’re really in the mood to tweet but can’t think of anything good to share with your followers.

Our verdict? Tweet Time is simple but handy, and very much worth the meager $0.99 that it costs. It is, however, one option away from becoming a complete quick-sharing client for Twitter, the option being tweeting images. The link provided below will take you to Tweet Time’s App Store page. Please note that the app is universal, and comes with full iPad optimization (which becomes apparent when you take a look at the resolution of images and smoothness of text on the tablet’s screen).

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