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TweetLine: Use Siri To Load Recent Tweets From Your Timeline [Cydia]

Siri and Twitter integration are two features which distinguish iOS 5 from its predecessors, and it is always nice to see a Cydia tweak which combines these two features. With TweetLine, you can customize the iPhone voice assistant to load the last 5 tweets from your Twitter timeline by issuing a simple command. Siri has garnered the attention of many people thanks to its small-talk abilities and witty nature, but when you take a look at the features the talking voice assistant offers in terms of usability, there are quite a lot of those as well. Having said that, usability has never been Siri’s strong points, and it can use all the help it can get from the jailbreak community. While for now there is no straightforward way of tweeting via Siri (although there are a few workarounds to that), thanks to TweetLine you will at least be able to stay in touch with your timeline with just a simple verbal command.

Siri Tweet Cydia TweetLine

TweetLine is available for free in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and after you have installed it to your Siri enabled iDevice, you can start using it immediately, but before you can actually use TweetLine, make sure that you have a Twitter account set up on your iPhone. TweetLine will load the last 5 tweets from your Twitter timeline every time you say “Timeline”. When the magic word is said for the first time, Siri will ask for access to your Twitter account, and then you will see that Siri has loaded recent updates from your Twitter account.

The loaded tweets are in a simplistic white background format, and the user who posted each tweet will have their name tagged at the top. The tweak can use a lot of improvements, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the next update of TweetLine brings the ability to click links and usernames right from within Siri. For now, you can go to the tweeted links, and user profiles, by copying them manually and then pasting in Safari (or the browser you commonly use). For free, TweetLine is definitely worth a try if you are using Siri, and it is an extension of the AssistantExtensions platform for Siri (meaning that AssistantExtensions will be installed to your iPhone automatically before the installation of TweetLine). This means you can use this particular Cydia tweak with Spire or any of the other Siri ports available for devices other than the iPhone 4S.

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