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TweetyPop: An Intuitive, Beautiful Twitter Client For The iPad

There are a lot of people who start their day by going through their Twitter timeline, but after a while, you might get bored of the same, old interface presented by the micro-blogging service. It’s always nice to have something new added to your every day life, and TweetyPop does just that, by giving you a completely revamped Twitter experience. iPad has a reputation of having beautifully laid-out apps, and TweetyPop is certainly one of them. It is a Twitter client that completely renews your Twitter timeline, and using it, you can view tweets on your account in an attractive and fluid way.

TweetyPop TweetyPop Bubbles

The app has a start-up tutorial of 23 steps! If you don’t want to read through so many steps, simply watch the video tutorial offered on first launch, or just skip the whole thing, as using TweetyPop isn’t really too complicated. The app gives you the option to load the last 150 tweets, or you can get a fresh start by starting the loading process from the time of installation. The default layout of tweets in the app is Bubbles, which will show each tweet as a movable bubble, and you can literally flip through the tweets by playing around with the bubbles. To go to older tweets, you have to tap the right side of the screen, and a scroll bar will appear, giving you access to any specific time from which you might want to view the tweets.

TweetyPop Timeline TweetyPop Setings

If you want to view your timeline in a more orthodox way, then tap the list button in the top-right corner, and the tweets will be sorted in the form of a list. TweetyPop also supports most of the other features that can be found on the web version of Twitter, or in the official iOS app. You can apply filters to view the tweets you are more interested in, while the same filters can be applied for searching through your tweets or timeline. TweetyPop can also be used as a run-time viewer of tweets, so that the feed will automatically keep on refreshing to show new tweets. The app incorporates a special Location button, through which you can view tweets from people near your current location. Direct Messages and Favorites also have their own, separate menus in the app.

TweetyPop is a free app, and Twitter users who own an iPad, must give this beautiful, elegant app a try.

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