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TwiLPaper Displays Your Twitter Timeline On Your Android Home Screen [Live Wallpaper]

Twitter, for most of the internet users out there, is way more than just a micro-blogging service. It is a means to stay up-to-date with whatever you are following on Twitter. Be it a celebrity, an organization, your friends, a blog or whatever, Twitter provides you with a means to satiate your appetite of staying informed by-the-minute. While most casual users would settle for the official or any of the third-party Twitter client to sneak peek into their Twitter world, there are several hardcore Twitter fans out there who’d be craving for some more. For such user, how about getting your Twitter timeline streamed in real time on your Android home screen? Yes, this is possible through TwiLPaper – a free Android Live Wallpaper that reads tweets from your Twitter account and displays them on your home screen in a scrollable window. To test out how TwiLPaper works, you can write new tweets on your account and see them streamed live on your Android home screen.

Setting up TwiLPaper is quite simple, and all you need to do the same procedure as you would normally do while installing any Android homescreen widget. Just long-click on a blank area on your home screen and select Wallpapers>Live Wallpapers>TwiLPaper. To make TwiLPaper work, users are required to authorize said live wallpaper. Again, authorization of TwiLPaper is very simple and does not take more than 5 minutes. You can configure TwiLPaper by tapping the Settings button within its preview.

Tap Authorize TwiLPaper, feed in the username and password and tap the Authorize app button. You will then be provided a PIN to authorize TwiLPaper. To complete the authorization process, return to TwiLPaper, enter PIN, tap Go! and you’re done. As evident from the screenshot (left) above, the app’s main settings screen supports switching to a different Twitter account. For this, all you need to do is hit the Change account button on the settings screen, and log in with different Twitter credentials. Needless to say, as soon as you sign in with another account, you will be automatically logged out of your previous account.

TwiLPaper has to be commended for the unique concept it brings, however, a few more interactive options would increased the practicality of the live wallpaper. Among the top of the list of features that I would personally love being integrated into the app, the option to post tweets right from the homescreen would be really helpful.

Download TwiLPaper for Android

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