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Twin Pic For Android Supports 3D Image Sharing & Push Notifications

The team (TeamWin, actually) behind HDMwIn and Kernel Manager has just released a public beta of their newest app – Twin Pic, an image sharing freeware for Android that packs support for 3D image sharing and push notifications. Twin Pic links itself with a registered Google account of your choice and allows you to share images with anyone in your contacts list, provided the selected contacts have the app installed on their devices and the email addresses attached to their profiles are the ones linked to Twin Pic. In beta as of now, the app seems to be just a tad rough around the edges. During our brief test-run, we found that the sharing History feature, when accessed, causes the app to force-close. Barring that little problem, the app works like a charm, providing you with an much faster alternative to sharing images via social media or even email.


Sharing is simple. Select any image from within your gallery or a file explorer and select Twin Pic from its Share/Send menu. All images received via Twin Pic can be accessed either directly from received push notifications or from within the /twin-pic directory on the SD card.

Launching the app from the app drawer should display a log of all shared images. Though, as mentioned earlier, accessing sharing history caused the app to force-close during our test-run on an HTC Desire and Desire HD. Hopefully, the developers will resolve said issue in future updates and while they’re at it, incorporate the option to access received files directly from within sharing history.

Head on over to the app’s XDA-Developers forum thread to download its APK.

[via @Shinzul]

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