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Twitpic Brings Its Official Client To iOS, Lets You Edit & Share Photos

When it comes to sharing photos on Twitter, Twitpic is one of the most used services all over the world, especially before Twitter brought in its own image service. The web interface of Twitpic is more than enough for uploading and sharing any image, but it is always nice to have a an official client for a service on all major platforms. Twitpic just released its official iOS client, and the app can do everything the web version of the service is capable of. Apart from that, the Twitpic app is a good way of editing photos and uploading them to the famous microblogging service on the go. Like Instagram, Twitpic comes with a nice collection of photo effects and filters, along with a Timeline of its own, which showcases the photos shared by people you follow on Twitter. Update: The official Twitpic client for Android has been released. We’ve added its Google Play Store link at the end of this post.

Twitpic Popular Twitpic Photo

Without signing in to the app, you can still view the Popular section of Twitpic. In here, you will see the most viewed shares made recently on Twitpic. By tapping any of the photos that come up in the feed, you can view the maximized version, with the number of views displayed in the top right corner and comments in the bottom right. The photo’s description and uploader’s Twitter handle are also visible in this area. To view the comments and other activity associated with the photo, you will have to sign in to your Twitter account.

Twitpic Effects Twitpic Post

Once you have allowed the Twitpic app to access your account, it will let you upload any photo to Twitter straight away. The app offers a few pretty good editing options, and you can Enhance and Crop  your photos in the app’s editor. Not only that, the Twitpic photo editor also has options to apply some really good photo effects to your images. Once you are done making changes to the photo, hit the Apply button, and add a description of the image. The service posts the photo to Twitter, and also adds it to its own gallery.

Twitpic is a free app, and for now, it is only available in an iPhone/iPod touch version. The app can prove to be a good way of managing your Twitter shares if you rely on Twitpic as your primary photo sharing service. The interface is neat, and working smooth. You can download the official Twitpic app for iPhone by heading to the following link.

Download Twitpic for iOS

Update: Twitpic is now available on Android as well. The link below will take you to its Play Store page.

Download Twitpic for Android

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