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[Giveaway] Twittelator Neue: Hands Down The Most Beautiful Twitter App For iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

Twitter clients are nothing new to iOS, and the iTunes App Store is full to the brim with them, if not overflown already. The deep Twitter integration that iOS 5 users enjoy has made the microblogging network an integral part of many iPhone users’ lives. Then, coming back to Twitter clients, you get a lot of good options to choose from, including the official Twitter app, which is elegantly laid out, neat and super functional. Taking all this in account, one is hard pressed to find a Twitter client that outshines the competition, and Twittelator Neue does just that. It is, hands down, the most beautiful Twitter client ever released (yet) on any platform, mobile and desktop alike. Details past the break.

Note: Twittelator Neue is a paid app that will set you back by $2.99 in the iTunes App Store. AddictiveTips is giving away three promo codes to our readers in this giveaway, details for which can be found at the end of this post.

Twittelator (1) Twittelator (2)

From setting up to actual usage, Twittelator screams class and elegance, and in bold! The first launch will require you to authorize your Twitter account (the app doesn’t work with the native Twitter integration of iOS 5), after which you get to the main interface, laden with your timeline (which supports search, too, by the way), a bottom bar that lets you switch between your profile (and accounts), messages, timeline, mentions (interactions, as Twitter likes to call it now), and more (combining search, lists, favorites, settings etc). The panels themselves can be switched through tapping their respective buttons as well as swiping left and right. The final elements of the interface are a new tweet button in top right corner of the application.

Twittelator (4) Twittelator (5) Twittelator (7)

The entire Twittelator experience is laden with cool, smooth transitions and effects. What makes Twittelator even more unique is its Timeline Photos, which lays photo-containing tweets with previews of actual images in the space between items, letting you spring full-size images to life by just tapping the preview area. The previews themselves are dynamic, so scrolling through the timeline will reveal different parts of the image. Furthermore, the same concept applies to shortened URLs and website links, letting you catch a glimpse of what the link will take you to, should you choose to visit it.

Twittelator supports multiple timelines and accounts, and not only allows you to add other accounts of your own for complete management, but also lets you add other times of your interest for keeping tabs on through its Timeline Shortcuts implementation. Adding a new account is as simple as the previous one – you provide the details, authorize the account and that’s it – one tap is all it takes to switch between various accounts.

Twittelator (8) Twittelator (13)

Tweets can be sent out simultaneously from as many accounts as you like, and the choice is as simple as flipping the respective account(s)’ switch to On. Beyond that, you may attach your location, current playing track from the music app and/or a photo with your tweet. The Settings menu of Twittelator Neue grants you control over aspects like font size, display name, timeline photos toggle, notifications, compose settings, services used for images, videos etc.

Twittelator (14) Twittelator (11)

The only shortcoming of Twittelator, if considered a shortcoming at all, would be the lack of free push notifications. The app does support these, but they require an in-app purchase of $1.99 per year; hardly substantial in my opinion, but the app did take a beating in the App Store reviews for this much. Other than that, Twittelator itself costs $2.99, and will work on any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 5.0 or higher. However, for three lucky readers, we’re offering promo codes for the app (not the push notifications), so don’t hesitate to try your luck out in the giveaway.

Download Twittelator Neue

Giveaway: We are giving away 3 promo codes for this app. The giveaway will last for 24 hours. Participation is simple. Follow @addtips on Twitter, tweet the giveaway and in the comments below, provide a link to the tweet and explain why you should be given the prize. Alternatively, you may comment on our Facebook or Google+ page, where the comment should preferably be under the shared post and not on the page itself. Our editors will pick the three most creative reasons as winners.

Update: The giveaway is closed. We’ll contact the winners soon!

Update 2: Promo codes have been sent to the winners.


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