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Universal Translator For Android

iTranslate, a universal translator for Android can translate words, phrases, and even sentences in more then 50 different languages. It becomes a perfect app, provided you travel a lot, live in a multicultural region or just willing to learn new languages.

As soon as you open the app, two boxes appear on the main screen. Type in your text, select the ‘translate to’ language and tap translate. Text to speech ability is another added feature which came out in a later update. Type, select your language, and make the other one listen to what you’re trying to say!


On the top of all the features, you can hit the menu button and send your translations as email or text message. Tap and hold to copy/paste text. Translation pronunciation can be heard by tapping the speaker icon in each boxes.

Quick translations that are simple, easy to use and communicate can be provided by this app. We tested it successfully on Galaxy S phone.


Download from AppBrain or scan the QR code above.

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  • Silver

    Sweet, it even has Estonian.

  • Al

    If you can’t use it offline, the it is useless.