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iPhone HD – Specs And Jailbreak Possibilities

Rumors pertaining to the next iPhone model have been afloat for a while, but for the first time a credible media source such as the Wall Street Journal has had its say in the matter, and affirmed that Apple is indeed working on a new device, most likely dubbed iPhone HD, for this summer. What’s more, we may finally see a break in AT&T’s monopoly over the iPhone market, with WSJ mentioning that Apple is “working on another model for US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless.” As the speculation goes, the Verizon device would probably be a CDMA-based one, instead of the traditional GSM technology.

While this could be a potentially good news for users of the device, AT&T doesn’t really seem happy about it. According to a spokesman for the cellular giant, “There has been lots of incorrect speculation on CDMA iPhones for a long time. We haven’t seen one yet and only Apple knows when that might occur.

Right after this news broke, more updates started surfacing. The release date for the new iPhone was put to June 22, 2010, according to ‘people briefed on the matter’, and John Gruber shed some light on the iPhone HD’s specifications in his particular, sarcastic manner, claiming that it will have an A4-class SoC, a 960 x 640 display, a front-facing camera, and that iPhone OS 4.0 will enable third-party multitasking. While even this portion of the spec sheet is impressive, Gruber has also been politely kind enough to reveal that these are ‘Not all’ that he knows.

With all the good news in the air, speculations about the jailbreak and unlock of the new device also have started blossoming, since people fully expect that Apple would again keep restricted the true potential of its new masterpiece. Who will manage to achieve this, however, is a big question mark yet. A couple of days back, the whiz-kid GeoHot posted a YouTube video showing his first untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G and devices with newer bootroms, though he hasn’t given any ETA for release, probably in wait for the iPhone OS 4.0 release. We also know that both GeoHot and MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team have working exploits for the new baseband. With the stakes running high, it can be hard to assume who will take the crown, considering that there are other contenders in this battlefield as well, like iH8sn0w, GreenPois0n etc. We guess, only time will tell.

To add a further touch of spice to the matter, firmwareumbrellla have pointed out that in the latest 3.1.3 firmware, Apple has assigned a new key to the SHSH file with the name APITicket. This suggests that Apple can stop the users from bypassing their TSS server for local restores like restoring the jailbroken firmware. This would be a step forward in Apple’s efforts to stop jailbreakers, since TSS request/response may be handled by the original bootrom of the device.

In their blog post, firmwareumbrella explain:

“The newer iTunes versions will send a certificate request in the TSS request by adding a new key to the TSS request. Their TSS server will create a new certificate with an effective date attached to it. (Making it invalid if used after that date). Until the new bootrom rolls out, iTunes will handle the decrypting of the response blobs using the nifty new signed certificate response ala APTicket. Once Apple ships new devices with the bootrom capable of validating the new APTicket (or whatever they call it in the future) they can add logic to check the bootrom of the device and conditionally process the response from the TSS server(for old bootroms) or allow the device to process it(for new bootroms).”

GeoHot thinks this will be the first proper challenge posed by Apple, stating:


With all the situation that is so rapidly and dynamically developing, it will be interesting to see the battle between Apple’s geniuses and the hacking community. Eventually, as there is no unbreakable code, and there will always be loopholes, it is only a matter of time to until the barriers are brought down. The question is, by whom?

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