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Unlock iPhone 4 iOS 4.0/4.0.1 Baseband 01.59.00 With Ultrasn0w 1.0-1

We have some great news for iPhone 4 owners who have been looking for a way to unlock their phones after jailbreaking their handsets with JailbreakMe. Thanks to Ultrasn0w 1.0-1, an unlocking method is now available for these devices and as ever, we are here with complete instructions to help you unlock your phone. For the complete instructions, read on after the jump.

Let’s face it, being restricted by a carrier to your your phone with their network only sucks. In case you want to switch carriers permanently, load another pre-paid or secondary SIM card in your phone for some reason, use two phones and want to switch the other number that’s on another carrier, to your iPhone 4, or are travelling abroad and want to use a local carrier’s SIM card rather than paying hefty roaming charges,  phone with no carrier SIM lock restrictions can come really handy. Luckily, the method is available to do so on iPhone 4, as long as you have jailbroken your device. So if you don’t want to continue keeping your iPhone 4 a slave to your carrier, here’s how to liberate it.


In case you are on a T-Mobile network, you should first disable 3G connectivity before applying this unlock.

Also, please note that this unlock is applicable on iPhone 4 with baseband 01.59.00 for now.


Here is the step by step guide on unlocking your jailbroken iPhone 4 with ultrasn0w 1.0-1.

  1. The first step is to launch Cydia.
  2. Now tap ‘Manage’ followed by the the ‘Sources’ tab.
  3. Tap ‘Edit’.
  4. Now tap on the ‘Add’ button on top-left corner of the screen and add this URL : https://repo666.ultrasn0w.com
  5. Now search for Ultrasn0w on using Cydia’s search bar and install Ultrasn0w. Once the installation process is complete, reboot your jailbroken iPhone 4.

There you go! You have successfully unlocked your iPhone 4 to run with any carrier’s SIM card throughout the world.

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  1. just curious if I need to jailbreak the 4g before unlocking and can I go back to the non jail break version and still be unlocked?

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