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How To Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone Baseband With SAM

For some strange reason, SAM for iPhone has been somewhat of an underdog in jailbreaking. This powerful tool has been around for quite a while, and has proved to be of use in a number of scenarios, including the activation of locked devices, fixing iMessage, FaceTime and Push Notifications (these fixes are discussed in great details here). Now, however, the usefulness of SAM has reached a whole new level, and it can be used to unlock all jailbroken iPhones, regardless of their original carrier, country or even baseband! The method for doing so might appear a little tricky, but if you follow each step discussed below, everything should work out fine. So, head past the break to find out how you can unlock your iPhone on any baseband and firmware.

SAM Cydia SAM Main Page SAM Carrier

Please note that the following method will only work with devices which have not been blacklisted by iTunes yet. Also, follow the procedure at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable for any damage to your device as a result of following the instructions provided below.


  1. Your iPhone must be jailbroken.
  2. Download and install the latest version of iTunes to your computer.
  3. It is better if you remove or disable any carrier logos and custom carrier names you might have got on your iPhone.
  4. Find out the carrier to which your device is locked to. This can be done by heading to the General menu in the stock Settings app, and looking at the Model in the About section. Now, Google this model number to determine the carrier with which it is associated.
  5. Install SAM on your iPhone. You can find it after you add the following repo to the Cydia store
  6. Insert the SIM in your iPhone (the one you intend to use with it after unlocking).


  1. Locate SAM’s icon on the Springboard of your device, and launch the app.
  2. Go to the Utilities section, and tap the button marked De-Activate iPhone (clear push) located under the Push Utils category.
  3. Come back to the main screen of SAM, and make sure that the Enable button is toggled on. Hit the Method menu, and from the list it shows, select By Country and Carrier option.
  4. Going back to the main app screen, select the country of the carrier to which your device is locked to, and then proceed to choosing the correct carrier and SIM ID. If there are more than one SIM IDs listed, select any one of them, as this step is based on trial and error.
  5. Head to More Information and copy the IMSI code listed under SAM Details. There is one under SIM Details as well, but you need to copy the other one.
  6. Hit Spoof Real SIM to SAM, and then the OK button which is sure to come up.
  7. Now, go to Method again, and you will observe that the field has automatically been changed to Manual. If that isn’t the case, do so yourself.
  8. Following the previous step will make a few new fields appear below Method. From among these fields, go to IMSI and paste the code you copied in step 5.
  9. Using your phone’s USB cable, connect it to your computer. Don’t disturb iTunes while it activates the device. Once that has been done successfully, go to your iPhone’s Summary tab and look at the ICCID by clicking the Phone number field. This code should match the ID of your SIM. If that isn’t the case, repeat the whole procedure and this time choose a different SIM ID in step 4.
  10. Go to SAM and disable it by toggling off the Enable button if all works out well.
  11. Once all has been done, disconnect and reconnect your phone to iTunes. There might be an error, but it will go away when you restart iTunes.

The No Service message will go away after a while, giving way to the signal bars, and if you lose features like push notifications and iMessage, follow the guide we linked at the start of this post.


  1. Did not work for me. Everytime I disable Sam again I lose sync connection and don’t get signal bars either way.

  2. Awesome Bro.. it 100% works  on my iPhone 4 (GSM), iOS 5.0.1, baseband – 4.10.01. I have a question, does this procedure works for baseband 4.11.08?

  3. 100% tested it all works like a charm! :D, just a question does anyone knows if i can update my iphone to the new ios?

    • There is no untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 yet, so if you are a fan of the Cydia store, it is better to wait.

    • what i mean was if by any chances i update my phone with the last update, will i loose the unlock? or this is really unlocking your iphone?

  4. Works 100 %… The procedure was a bit confusing but in the end it worked !… Thanks a lot to the founder of this !

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