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Unofficial Pre Alpha MIUI Port Now Available For Galaxy Tab GSM [Download]

If you have MIUI running on your Android phone and you want the same awesomeness on your Samsung Galaxy Tab GSM version, then there is some great news for you! Mssmison, XDA member, MIUI now stands ported on Samsung Galaxy Tab with some functionalities working. Like all other ports, it is still a very much alpha with developer requesting some hands on help with certain issues.

Here is a list of what works in this MIUI unofficial custom ROM for the Galaxy Tab: MIUI-Galaxy-Tab-ROM

  • Calls
  • Data
  • Sound
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Internal and External SD Card
  • Camera
  • GPS

It is needless to mention that there are scores of crucial functionalities that still don’t work and will need development support. Wi-Fi and Screen Rotation aren’t fixed in this build meaning that your tab will be pretty much handicapped once you flash this pre-alpha ROM. The build is initially intended for Androiders with ROM cooking / development experience who can help port developer in solving Wi-Fi and other associated issues.

You can download MIUI Pre-Alpha Work In Process custom ROM for MIUI from here and then flash it as a update.zip on a Tab that initially is rooted, has CWM recovery and is running CyanogenMod 7. We aren’t writing a detailed step wise guide for this one due to the fact that it is still a pretty raw build. We will suggest our esteemed users to visit the official XDA thread for the port for complete instructions and to see how they can help the developer in fixing issues with this ROM.

For those who have little or no experience in flashing a custom ROM before, it will be in their best interest to let developers come out with a stable version with less chances of turning your tab into a brick. We will post complete tutorial once this ROM enters release candidate status.

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