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Unofficial Security Patch For Pre-iOS 4.3.5 Devices – iSSLfix

iOS is an operating system that keeps getting updates on regular basis, as in today’s competitive age it is not possible to live without continuous adaptability and constant change for the better. Some of iOS’s updates are bent on adding new functionalities and features for the users, while some have the aim of improving the security of the system. These security updates might seem a bit less significant than the others, but the truth of the matter is that they are the ones responsible for keeping your iPhone experience secure and relaxing. A while back iOS users were faced with a security issue that made the Safari browser vulnerable. Apple rolled out an update versioned 4.3.5 which fixed the issue. However devices on earlier versions of iOS still have the SSL-based issue. Well, not anymore. iSSLfix has arrived!


You need to be a jailbroken user to apply this Cydia tweak to cure the vulnerability of your ageing device. Head over to the store and search for iSSLfix. But before you do that, check if you really need the tweak or not.

In your device’s Safari browser enter the URL:

If you see the page without any warning being flashed, then you might be in for trouble and need the tweak. Showing of a warning or asking your permission for continuing show that you are safe.

If you are not safe then get the patch, and reboot your device when asked to. And that’s all you’ll need to do. You won’t even see any new extension being displayed in your Settings menu, but be assured, your device is much safer now.


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