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Update To Mango Beta 2 On A Nodo-Powered WP7 Device [How To]

Mango for All HomeWindows Phone 7 is going through quite a lot of activity these days. There are a number of significant events on the horizon like the launch of the first Nokia WP7 device expected on the 17th of this month. The other big thing going on these days is the latest update to the OS named Mango. A few weeks ago Mango’s beta version was released to developers and manufacturers (although we did tell you how to get Mango even if you are a non-developer). As it’s a beta version, quite a lot of bugs were discovered, and to include the fix of those bugs, along with some new features, Mango beta 2 has been released. And here’s how you can get it on your phone.

Disclaimer: Please make sure that you have ample rooting, hacking and flashing experience before you try this hack. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you end up damaging your device.



  1. Install Windows Phone Support Tool for your appropriate version of Windows.
  2. Now we turn our attention to the “Mango For All” tool downloaded in step 3 of our requirements. Unzip the file, and save the unzipped contents to your system drive.
  3. Using your phone’s USB cable, connect to your PC. This will automatically open up Zune.
  4. Exit Zune without doing anything.
  5. From the “Mango for all” folder, run “update.bat” file. This will open up a series of option screens, follow the instructions that do the following for you:
    Create a backup of your phone
    Provide your with enough rights to update to Mango
    Save your backup copy in the “Mango for all” folder
  6. This will open Zune all by itself, and you will get an update notification. That’s the Mango beta. After you apply it, and reopen Zune, you will see an update visible there. This is the sought-after Mango beta 2. Install this and you now have Mango beta 2 on your WP7 Nodo device!

The method seems to have been working for most of the people, with a few having issues.

[via WP Hacker]

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