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Updated Google Docs For Android Brings Collaborative Editing & More

The official Google Docs mobile client for Android was released almost a year ago, and ever since, it has been updated with new and improved features at frequent intervals. However, the latest update that the client has received can be cited as a massive leap in making your document editing and sharing experience via mobile much innovative and collaborative. Apart from sporting several handy UI tweaks and text formatting tools, the updated Google Docs app for Android now supports real-time editing of documents by multiple users, which means that you, along with your colleagues, can now simultaneously work on a shared document – a feature that the web variant of Google Docs has been offering for quite a while now. Changes made by any user can be seen by all other participants almost instantly. In addition, the app also brings rich text formatting support, multi-touch pinch-to-zoom gestures for convenient document editing, and several layout tools, including numbered/bulleted lists and indentation etc.

All the other aforementioned features aside, it’s the collaborative editing part of the update that is going to be received as a welcome change by users. Provided multiple users are editing a specific document, you can trace the current position of each individual user on the document via a color-coded cursor and text highlighter.


The document editor interface of the app now supports a feature-rich toolbar at the top that houses all the rich text editing and aforementioned layout tools. Using various controls available on the toolbar, you can apply bold, italic, underline effects to your text in custom color, insert a numbered or bulleted list within the document, and indent the paragraphs towards left/right as per requirement.

However, not everything is working with the updated client as it should do. While the app allows you to view and edit your documents via its native interface, the spreadsheets and presentations are opened via the Google Docs’ web version. Hopefully, all existing wrinkles would be ironed out in the future updates of the app.

Update: Google Docs has now been merged with Google’s very own cloud storage, Google Drive. Therefore, all your online documents are now present on your cloud storage under the dedicated My Drive folder within the newly launched app. Grab the app via the download link provided below.

Download Google Drive for Android

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