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Use Caffeine To Keep Your iPhone Or iPad Awake For As Long As You Want

Don’t you just hate it when in the middle of watching a video or playing a gyro-based game on your device, the screen turns itself off and goes to sleep? When you are wide awake and having fun, your screen should cooperate, right? Life would have been much easier if you could have given your iOS device some caffeine to get rid of its sleepiness. Well, turns out you can! No, Apple has not come up with a new and revolutionary iCoffee that works on iPhone. Caffeine is actually a Cydia tweak that lets you define the apps in which you always want to your screen to be on. There is a slew of options that come with the tweak, and you can completely redefine the parameters that govern the sleep/ wake cycle of iDevices.

Caffeine SettingsCaffeine On

Keeping an iOS device awake is important in a lot situations. If you iPhone goes to sleep, your Wi-Fi connection is disabled, thus disrupting any downloads that might have been in progress at the time. There are Cydia tweaks like Insomnia to counter this situation, but even those tweaks can’t keep your iPhone’s screen from going blank. Caffeine is a tweak available at the Cydia store for jailbroken users. It basically allows you to decide for how long you want your phone or tablet to remain unlocked. Head over to the Cydia store and search for Caffeine. After installing this free tweak, go to your device’s settings. Under the “Activator” tab set any key you want to be associated with the toggle of Caffeine.

Once the Toggle shortcut is set, you simply have to press it to display the notification that caffeine is on. Until you tap the activation key again, your phone won’t lock. It will dim out though, which might defeat the whole purpose of the tweak for some people, but not everyone as you will still have an active Wi-Fi connection all the time. Having a toggle to activate wake mode is pretty convenient, and not a negative point of the tweak as some might imagine. Take the instance of Insomnia, a tweak that keeps an iDevice’s Wi-Fi active all the time without any interaction or control by users. That tweak is a real battery killer, and has drastically bad effects on battery life. Caffeine on the other hand, works only when needed and is thus good for your battery.

[via iDownloadBlog]


  1. Caffeine even for the PC is such a plus. We still have several presenters who refuse to use any such device and prefer that the screen go blue during a presentation. Silly!

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