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Use IconCommands To Get More Out Of Your iOS App Icons [Cydia Tweak]

After the release of a tweak to add lock screen gesture functionality to iPhone and iPad, there is now another one which uses gestures to add functionalities to icons in your device’s apps. Speed and efficiency is the name of the game here, as IconCommands succeeds in bringing you tasks related to any app, which previously required you to navigate all over your iOS device. The best thing about the tweak is its rather generic nature, as nothing available in IconCommands is too specific, and it is up to the users to configure the tweak and make things work just the way they want. If you have ever used Activator, you are sure to be reminded of it while enjoying IconCommands. Just like the older tweak, you can choose any app and define the gestures of your choice regarding its working. Some of the gestures available in IconCommands are customizable, while some are fixes. Similarly, you can target certain frequently used apps, or you can define gestures that will remain functional throughout the system. So if you are jailbroken user with access to the Cydia store, you are going to love IconCommands.

IconCommands Icon Photo CaptureIconCommands Settings

What IconCommands does is to basically let you define gestures (multiple taps) and associate them with any of the pre-defined 6 tasks pertaining to icons (as shown in the screenshot above). The good thing about this tweak is that it does not add any unnecessary complexity to its set up and working. The available gestures aren’t so varying that you’ll have trouble remembering exactly what function a particular gesture performs. The “gesture” is just the number of times you tap an icon, starting from 1 and ending at 8 taps (yeah, your finger will end up a little sore).

Once the tweak has been applied you can perform the defined actions with any icon, regardless of what the icon actually leads to. IconCommands is a tweak present in the Insanelyi repo of Cydia. The available actions include hiding icons, viewing information regarding the app or bookmark associated with the icon, copying the icon as an image file to the stock Photos app and a few other useful ones. After the tweak has been installed, go to your device’s settings menu and in the Extensions tab, you will find the recently installed tweak. Set it up according to your needs, and you can make your iDevice tap-dance to your wishes! We advise you to try out all the actions available in the action list, and it’s better if you set the most useful ones on fewer taps.

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