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Use Multiple Accounts For Any Service On Your iPad Using Our Pad

An iPad is designed to be an exclusively personal device. Of course, two or more people can use it, but the default behavior of iPad always makes it think that there is only one user on it. While this may not be an issue for most instances, sometimes you may wish for a way to bypass this setting, after all, it is a tablet and not something as personal as a phone. Once such scenario when you might get annoyed by Apple’s monogamy can be when you have multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter or any mailing service, because here the iPad can only set up one account at a time. Our Pad is an iOS app (iPad only) that lets users set up multiple accounts on their tablet with utmost ease. The app is not limited to one or two services, and using it you will be able to configure multiple accounts for your email IDs, social networks and even messengers.

OurPadOurPad Accounts

You can create as many user accounts on Our Pad as you want. No other person can access your account as the app supports a lock pattern password. Setting up a new account is easy; just enter a username, select a pass pattern and you are good to go. Once you have your account up and running, it’s time to add whichever service you would like to use with more than one accounts. Services supported by Our Pad include:

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • MSN/ Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • Twitter

You can select one or any of these services and set up your account, and all your selected services will be displayed. As Our pad has been released pretty recently, there are a few issues with the app for now, the most significant of which is the fact that Yahoo services appear to be faulty for most users. However, apart from that, multiple accounts can be added easily, and they can have completely different service info, username and pass-patterns. Hence, whenever a new user wants to check their mail on your device, they can just go to Our Pad and set up their own account instead of disturbing the settings your tablet already has.

OurPad is a free app and available for iPad and iPad 2 at the download link below.

Download Our Pad for iPad

[via AppAdvice]

Update: The app has been updated to fix the Yahoo login issue, and everything works perfectly now.


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