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Use Your iPad As A Mass Storage Device With USB Flash Drive

An iPad comes with a lot of storage space, and if you can’t really think of enough songs to fill up 32GB, then you have to admit, it can be pretty useful being able to use an iPad as a mass storage device. USB Flash Drive is an app which will let you do just that. Using the app, you can carry any file in iPad, no matter which extension type it belongs to.

Flash Drive iPad Flash Drive iPad Files

Admittedly, the app won’t display your iPad as a separate mass storage device, but it will still be able to house any data using all the available storage space in your iPad. The app is free, though ad-supported, and you will have to use iTunes to transfer data to it. To use USB Flash Drive, you have to connect the iPad to iTunes and go to the Apps section. Look for Flash Drive, and in the documents section, you can transfer any data using the Add button. The app also supports drag and drop, and this makes it using Flash Drive a real pleasure.

Once the data transfer is complete, apply the changes, and the files will appear on your iPad within the app. You can sort the files alphabetically within Flash Drive using the Sort button, while each file can also be deleted by swiping across it. Of course, you can’t use any file from within the app, but it is useful for carrying data nonetheless.

Although the ads are a bit annoying, but USB Flash Drive does what it says, and for that, it does merit a download.

Download USB Flash Drive


  1. Is there a way to copy video files to the iPad from one PC (e.g. at work) if it is being used on another PC (e.g. at home)?

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