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Viddy For Android & iPhone Is Like Instagram For Videos

Instagram has become insanely popular in the time it has been around for iOS. The whole concept of editing and sharing photos on the go seems to have captured the imagination of users all over the world. As good as the service is, it is only limited to editing and sharing photos. If you want are one of those people who make good use of the video capturing abilities of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you are sure to find Viddy is interesting as Instagram. The app will let you shoot, edit and share videos, and you can also follow other users to stay in touch with their uploads. Read on to know more.

Viddy Users Viddy Video Viddy Feed

There are three ways you can start using Viddy. You can choose to connect your Facebook account, login via Twitter or create a new account specifically for the app. If you choose to create a new account, your email ID will be required for registration. When you have logged in, a list of suggested users is presented, which contains the user’s social network friends (if Facebook was used to sign in), or a list of popular and featured accounts. After you have decided upon the people you want to follow, you can start browsing through the publicly shared videos in the featured section of Viddy. There is also the option to search for a particular tag or keyword in the app’s database, and each shared video shows basic stats like number of comments and likes it has received. You can share the video with your own network using the green button below it. The Activity section of the app shows the uploads, comments and likes people on your network have made.

Viddy Camera

The main feature of Viddy is, of course, shooting and editing videos of your own. To do so, you can use one in the Camera Roll of your device, or shoot it straight via the camera. The camera in Viddy is pretty good, and has quite a few options of its own. You can set a timer, choose the level of exposure and brightness, mute background sounds and overlay a grid on the scene in front of you. Front-facing camera can also be used for shooting videos for Viddy. There is one limitation though; a video used in Viddy can not be any longer than 15 seconds.

Viddy Effects Viddy Tags Viddy Settings

Once you have shot, or loaded, a video to Viddy, the editing screen will come up automatically. You can adjust the sound level using the bottom slider, and there is a bunch of really cool effects which can be applied to videos with a single tap. A few filters come preloaded in the app, while some have to be downloaded from the app’s FX market. Most effects are available for free, but a few have to be unlocked via in-app purchases. After you are done editing the video, you have to choose appropriate tags for it and then you can publish it to Viddy and any of your linked social networks.

Viddy is a must-have app, specially given the fact that it is available as a free download. The video time limit shouldn’t be much of an issue for most users, as the whole concept of Viddy is concise video sharing.

Download Viddy For iOS

Update: The official Android app of Viddy is now available in the Play Store. Note that the app is currently available for Android 4.0 and higher devices only. Hit the link provided below to head over to Viddy’s Google Play Store page.

Download Viddy For Android

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