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VideoXplode: Create & Share Video Tours Of Property/Products [Android]

VideoXplode is a video recording and sharing app for Android and iOS that provides users with three different project categories, namely Real Estate, Products and Automobiles, under which they can record and store short video clips of anything that can be best portrayed via multiple video recordings. Whether you wish to exhibit various portions of your for-sale apartment, share a walkthrough video of your new gadget or prepare a test drive video review of a brand new sports car, VideoXplode lets you quickly merge various recordings into a video project that is uploaded to the VideoXplode cloud and can be accessed from the app’s website. You can also share URLs of your video projects on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Zillow and via email.

Launched almost a month ago on the iTunes App Store, VideoXplode has just made its way into the Android Market. The app can prove to be a handy tool for business and real estate owners as they can quickly grab short clips of their products, compile them as one, and share over online e-commerce services.


To start using the app, you must be logged in with a VideoXplode account. New users can sign up for a fresh account from within the app for free.


The app’s interface is divided into Record, Projects, Share and Hint tabs. All the information pertaining to the app’s functionality is provided under the Hint tab.


To start capturing new videos, tap the Record tab, hit the Record new video button, select the required category and enter the project title. This creates a new/blank project under which you may start adding your video recordings. For instance, if your project is based on real estate, you can choose from various building segments including neighborhood, dinette, additional rooms, hallway and basement etc. Tapping on a category takes you to the recording interface. The recording interface displays a virtual spirit level (level indicator) in the top-right corner of the camera’s viewfinder.


Each clip under a Products and Automobile project can be recorded for a maximum of 30 seconds whereas this duration is cut down to a maximum of 20 seconds for all clips recorded under a Real Estate project. After each recording is complete, you can preview the clip, discard it, and mark the entire project as complete. To share the project, simply tap the Share tab and pick your preferred service. The app uses the videoXplode folder on your SD card to all store video files.

Download VideoXplode for Andorid

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