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VidRhythm: A Fun Way Of Creating Personalized Music Videos On iPhone

VidRhythm is an iOS app that is pretty unique, and you will be hard pressed to find another one like it. Using this fun-oriented app, you can create music videos of popular songs, and add a few touches of your own vocals to them as well. To just enjoy VidRhythm, you can play around with the songs provided within the app and create your own versions of them, or you can import songs to it (if they are in MIDI format), and then make their videos. The app has been around for quite a while in iPhone and iPad’s App Stores, but with the recent update, it has gone free. Read on to know all the features offered by VidRhythm.

VidRhythm VidRhythm Tutorial

VidRhythm incorporates an easy-to-follow tutorial, which is displayed when you launch the app for the first time. Although it might sound like a complicated task to create your own music video, but using this app, it really isn’t. VidRhythm does almost all the work for you, and gives you pretty amusing results in the end.

VidRhythm Songs VidRhythm Styles

To get started with your video, choose a song first. If you have any MIDI audio clips in your device’s library, VidRhythm will import them as well. Before making your song choice, you can hear the preview of each song by tapping the speaker icon in light blue. After choosing the song, the next step is to decide which theme and style do you want to apply to your clip. All the available styles are listed on your screen after you have selected a song. The styles are all for fun, so don’t waste your time looking for something serious.

VidRhythm Videos VidRhythm Sharing

Now, depending on your choice of song, you will be presented with the recording menu. The recording supports both the back and front facing cameras. VidRhythm will guide you through singing each supporting note for the background music. For some of the more difficult notes, there is a feature named Guide Note, which will let you record to perfection. After you have finished recording, tap the Make Video Music button, which will take you to the sharing menu of the app after you have previewed your handiwork. You can save the video to Camera Roll, or share it over YouTube or Facebook.

VidRhythm VideoVidRhythm has an HQ Mode, which allows users to create 720p videos. You might find the app pointless, but it can turn out to be useful if you just want to create something funny to share with your friends.

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