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View Damn You Autocorrect & Other Funny Picture Blogs In One App [WP7]

Life can get monotonous at times, and when you are bored, some mindless fun might just be the thing you need. Most of you must be familiar with popular time-wasting, humorous blogs like Damn You, Autocorrect and “Why Siri, Why?”, as they are the best place to go when you are looking for a few laughs. Won’t it be nice if, instead of going from one website to another, you could just browse through the funny content on these blogs in one app? That’s exactly what Damn You Autocorrect does for Windows Phone 7 users. With this hilarious app, you get a convenient method of viewing the recent and most popular posts in some of the well-known photo blogs.

Damn You, Autocorrect Recent Damn You, Autocorrect WP7

By default, the app only shows the feeds from Damn You, Autocorrect, and those are displayed under two tabs; Recent and Popular. The photos are shown in a grid to make the layout appear more metro. Within each category, you can view the photos in a chronological order, or there is the option to randomize everything by tapping the Mix up button at the bottom of the photo viewer. For each individual photo, you get the option to add it to your favorites (again laid out in a metro grid), or you can save the image to your WP7’s Saved Pictures album. The sharing options present in “Damn You, Autocorrect” include SMS, email, Twitter and Facebook.

Damn You, Autocorrect Blogs Wrong Number Texts WP7

If you are not a fan of Damn You, Autocorrect, but rather like some other photo blog, you don’t have to wait for its separate WP7 client to come out. The Damn You Autocorrect app incorporates a lot of other blogs as well, and their viewing options are pretty similar to the default blog. Following are the blogs which can be enabled by going to the Settings menu in the app.

  • LOL-Cats
  • NOT your best day
  • Damn Funny Texts
  • Parent Fails
  • The Worst Stuff Ever
  • Wrong Number Texts
  • Why Siri, Why?
  • Awkward Names
  • Epic WTFs
  • Invisible Cats
  • Work LOLs
  • Get Out of the Mirror

When you enable some, or all, of these blogs within the app, a new section will be added to the app by the name of Blogs, and you can go to the posts in any of them by tapping the name.

You can get this bundle of fun for free, by going to the web Marketplace link provided below.

Download Damn You, Autocorrect

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