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View Geotagged Photos On A Map With Where Did I Take That For WP7

For any smartphone, its camera is one of the deciding factors for most users. Most Windows Phone 7 devices are equipped with cameras that are pretty good in quality and give nice results. When you have such a high quality camera present in your pocket all the time, you are bound to take full advantage of it and shoot as many photos as you can. As time passes by, and the photos keep accumulating, you are sure to forget certain things about some of the photos. Your camera provides you with the date and time of the capture, but what about location? How can you know where exactly was a certain photo taken?

We all know that our WP7 phones are equipped with a GPS for position locking and tracking, which lets you enable location services. Making use of these services Where Did I Take That is a rather simple app which tells you where you took it.

Where Did I Take ThatWhere Did I Take That Pinned Photo

First of all you need to make sure that your location-based services are enabled (present in the Settings menu). If you were smart enough and these services were enabled even before you installed the app, then you are in luck, because this app will let you know the location where any photo was taken as long the phone’s GPS was enabled at that time. This is because WP7 automatically saves the location data associated with a photo, there is just no built-in way to view this information but now Where Did I Take That is here to provide you with that functionality.

The app is really simple to use and after running it you simply need to tap the ‘+’ sign present at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken right to the Pictures Hub. Choose any of the pictures available there, and it will be pinned on the map in the app to the exact location where the pic was snapped. Once the app has been installed it will automatically turn on all the required settings and you won’t have to worry about anything. The app provides you with three different map views, including satellite mode.

However there are some limitations on the app, the biggest one being the maximum limit of 2 photos pinned to the map at a time. In addition to that, you might be unable to access your picture’s information if there was some problem with the GPS at the time of capture (which is pretty often if you are indoors).

The app is free and if you are a photo freak, you might want to try it.

Download Where Did I Take That

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