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View Live Stream & Latest News With Al Jazeera English For Android

Staying on top of the leading stories of the world, in general, and your surroundings and areas of interest, in particular is, something that most of us care about a lot, and there is no better way to achieve said purpose than by resorting to a quality news app offered by a reliable news provider. Its been roughly two months since Al Jazeera released Al Jazeera LIVE for all major mobile platforms. The live streaming app, as it seems, was a mere prequel to the freshly released Al Jazeera English – a complete news application that, in addition to the network’s live broadcast, provides access to News, Opinions, Features, Blogs, Programmes and Video clips from the network’s website and allows users to submit their own stories via Email.

As of this writing, the app is available for the Android and BlackBerry platforms only.


Like any quality news app, Al Jazeera sports a home screen that offers you quick access to almost every popular news category with a mere tap. There’s a section dedicated to the top news stories, featured content, videos, TV programmes, blogs, spotlight, media, weather, entertainment, sports and whatnot. Surprisingly, the app’s settings screen is not laced with too many customizable options, with the only noticeable option being the ability to toggle between the default weather units, changing the wind speed units, and selecting your current location. Needless to say, there is also the option to affiliate your social accounts with the app so that you may share the best and most attention-seeking stories with your buddies on the go.

The app worked without problems during our test-run and is quite complete feature-wise. The only feature it is missing (AOTW) is the option to share stories over the web and social media.

The interface is smooth and quite easy on the eyes and, in certain places, seems to take after that of the official CNN app for Android and iOS.

The app sports a search feature for finding stories of interest and provides you with more than one way of browsing through the latest news. The In Pictures section, for instance, arranges all the latest stories in a grid of images.

The Your Media section is very similar to CNN’s iReport (online citizen journalism service). It allows you to upload your own stories with attached photos and/or videos via the native Email application.


You can grab the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link.

Download Al Jazeera English For Android

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