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View Photos According To Their Locations With PhotoMaps For iPhone

As you might already know, most photos on the internet have got some location data associated with them, indicating the place where they were snapped. In most cases, this data is ignored, and nothing much comes of it. There are a few apps, however, which use this data with stunning results. One such app is PhotoMaps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and using this iOS app, it is possible to view photos from any part of the world. PhotoMaps will pinpoint the exact source location of images on a map. Whenever you navigate to a particular area on the app’s map, the photos which have been captured there will be displayed, and you can share and comment on them with ease. Read on to know more.

PhotoMaps iPhone PhotoMaps Photo

PhotoMaps does not need access to your current location, and will start of with a generic view of the world map. To go to a random location on the map in PhotoMaps, just shake your iDevice and behold the awesomeness of the place’s natural beauty. Most of the screen is taken up by the world map, and in the strip below it there are photos from the place which is central on the map currently. The location of the photo in the middle of the strip will be highlighted by placing a pin on the map, and it is possible to view photos associated with any place by zooming into it on the map. The map supports three views; satellite, map and hybrid, and you can switch between them by tapping the area to the bottom right of the map.

PhotoMaps has a pretty neat photo viewer of its own, and any image you like can be viewed in detail by simply tapping it. From this page, it is also possible to go to the source website or get details about its publisher. Other photos from the same location can be viewed by swiping across the screen. PhotoMaps does not feature any junk images of bicycles or soda cans, and you will be able to truly get a preview of an area by heading to it the app’s map. In addition to that, PhotoMaps provides its users with a new and interesting way of browsing through images strewn across the web. For a free app, PhotoMaps can prove to be a lot of fun, so do give it a try by heading to the link below.

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