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View/Post Ads, Jobs & Deals In Your Area With Craigslist Plus [iOS]

There are many online shopping stores that are popular among users, but there’s nothing like negotiating with fellow human  beings rather than purchasing items from an automated website. It’s even better if the buyer is located in your area, so that you can talk to them face-to-face in case there is a problem. Craigslist is one of the most popular destinations for people looking to find items being sold in their area. Not only can ads be posted to Craigslist, it goes way beyond that, and you can come across attractive job offers, interesting people and just about anything you can possibly think of. Despite the usefulness and popularity of Craigslist, the service does not have a decent app for iOS. There are a few options, but all of them have their shortcomings. That is why Craigslist Plus just might be the best iPhone client for Craigslist so far. Using the app you can explore Craigslist at length, and it allows you manage your account as well as posting ads for free. Read on to learn more about Craigslist Plus.

Craigslist Plus Home Craigslist Plus Create Post

If you have a Craigslist account, it is possible to sign in from the Settings menu, but even without doing so you can view all the forums, and post in some of them too. The main page of the app lists the main category of Craigslist. When Craigslist Plus is launched for the first time, it will ask permission to access your current location, and then show ads and posts related to it. There are two ways of creating a new post; you can either go to the desired category and then start writing, or you can hit the ‘+ button on the main screen of the app and choose the category after you have created the draft. Craigslist Plus also has options to let users attach any image with the post, as well as an email ID to which other users can send their feedback.

Craigslist Plus Category Craigslist Plus Post

Any ad or post on Craigslist Plus can be shared with others, and you can reply to it straight from within the app as well. In case you are not satisfied with the results shown within your area, you can search in a larger region, and some of the categories show maps to go with the listed items.

The interface of Craigslist Plus is pretty good, and you won’t miss any feature to be found on the web version of the service. The app can be downloaded for free by heading to the following link.

Download Craigslist Plus

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