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View, Share & Upload Videos With The Official WP7 Client For Vimeo

When it comes to video sharing and hosting, YouTube is the first service which comes to mind, but the fact of the matter is, YouTube is not the only service out there where you can watch and share video content. There are a few competitors in this field, and Vimeo is among the most popular YouTube alternatives. The team behind the video hosting service seems to have become pretty active lately. The Android app for Vimeo (covered in detail by us) was released just last month, and now Windows Phone 7 has got one as well. The official Mango app for Vimeo lets you do all the stuff you usually associate with the video service, and that, too, in a really efficient and convenient manner.

Vimeo WP7 Vimeo WP7 Welcome Page

If you don’t have a Vimeo account, you can still use almost all areas of the app with ease. In case you want an account for the service, you can sign up for one for free, and the option is provided on the main page as well. The Welcome page of Vimeo presents you with a video to help get you started. That page also has the options to search and upload videos to the service. To upload, you will need a Vimeo account, of course. Vimeo Plus is a feature offered to those who have signed up for a premium account, and it provides a few extra features to users, like editing tools and more uploading rights.

Vimeo WP7 Explore Vimeo WP7 Channel

With or without an account, you can start exploring Vimeo by going to the Explore section of the app. In that menu you will find a list of all the topics (along with a short description), and by tapping any of the categories, you will be taken to the dedicated page where all the Vimeo videos related to the chosen topic can be found. Within each channel, videos are listed based on the number of views they have got, or some of them might be staff picks, featured due to the quality of their content. The fashion in which the app lists videos is pretty metro-ish, while a list view is available as well in the Most Viewed section.

Vimeo WP7 Video Vimeo WP7 Comments

You can view comments related to each video by swiping to the right, while the menu for likes, credits and license information can be accessed from the respective options displayed beneath the video. The streaming speed is pretty good, and you can share video links via SMS, email or on your social network.

Vimeo is a free app, and really has the potential to give YouTube a run for its money, at least as far as WP7 is concerned. You can grab the app from the download link provided below.

Download Vimeo

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