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Viggle For iPhone: TV Guide That Rewards You For Watching Shows

No matter if you are a couch potato, or just follow one or two shows, watching TV is a passive activity we all spend some part of our day. However, Viggle is a new iOS app which makes sure that watching the tube doesn’t remain as unproductive an activity as you previously thought. It’s every TV lover’s dream come true, and now you will actually get paid for watching your favorite shows. The app will shower you with a ton of prizes from various popular outlets, like Burger King, Best Buy and a whole lot more. Not only that, with Viggle, you get all the relevant information regarding any TV show, and a bunch of other useful features as well.

Viggle iOS Viggle Options

Before you can start using Viggle, you have to sign up for a new account. The procedure is pretty straightforward, and requires just your email ID and a display name. After your account has been created, the next step is to provide Viggle with your ZIP code, so that service providers can be suggested accordingly. If you have HD channels turned on in your subscription, you can mention that in the sign up procedure as well. If you are in front of your TV, tap the Check In button and the app will start listening to the channel you are currently on. After the sound is matched against the current broadcast of a channel, the app will commence logging your watch time.

Viggle Show Viggle Trailer

Viggle can be used for more than getting rewards for the hours logged (although that is the main feature of the app). It has the potential of acting as a fully functional TV guide, having features like discussions, fan forums, IMDB ratings and even clips from the most recent episodes of the show. You will find all the shows from all the channels on your network listed by Viggle. The dedicated page for each program also displays the number of points you will earn for watching it.

Viggle Deals Viggle Deal Description

To redeem your reward points, and see what prizes you have become eligible for, there is the Rewards section. A short description for each reward is written against it, along with the instructions to redeem it, as well as the points needed to get it.

Even if the accumulation of reward points is too slow for you, the app is still pretty useful for the TV guide aspect of it.

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