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Viki Brings Its Quality Video Streaming & Subtitling App To Android

Viki, one of the world’s leading source of global infotainment, has been offering its multilingual subtitling and video streaming services to iOS users via its dedicated client/app for quite some time. If you’re an Android user, rejoice, for the official Viki client for Android has eventually landed in the Android Market. Packed with loads of high quality multimedia stuff, Viki for Android brings you the best and latest from the world of entertainment. Be it the ultra-swift streaming of TV shows, scintillating full-length movies, up-to-date entertainment news, or the exclusively featured Viki content, the app has you covered quite nicely. And did we forget to mention that the app supports displaying subtitles for all the supported video content in multiple languages, crowd-sourced from avid fans all across the globe? Of course not! With Viki, you get to enjoy an endless stream of quality video content in full-screen, ably supplemented by subtitles in your local language. Enjoy yourself, and share the best stuff with your mates right from within the app. No need to subscribe to any services, or signing in to use the app. It’s simple, straightforward, and extremely intuitive as far as experiencing rich media via Viki is concerned.

Viki-Android-Featured Viki-Android-News

The unique multiple language subtitle support that Viki is known for all across the world is undoubtedly the hallmark of the Android client of the service, too. For each video that you wish to stream, you get a chance to select its subtitle in a language of your choice.

The app’s homescreen interface is very much reminiscent of its iOS counterpart with the only difference being the positioning of the various tabs – Featured, TV, Movies, News and Search – that are aligned horizontally at the top of the screen instead of bottom.

Viki-Android-TV-Shows Viki-Android-TV-Show

As each aforementioned tab’s title indicates, there is a segment within the app dedicated entirely to the video content that falls under that particular category. It’s entirely upon the user’s discretion to decide what sort of entertainment they want. You may explore all the exclusive stuff featured on the Viki network, or check out the latest episode of your favorite TV shows.

Viki-Android-Movies Viki-Android-Movie

Craving for a thrilling movie? Just tap the Movies tab, and start enjoying a movie of your choice with, of course, the subtitle language of your liking. Need to take a glance at the latest news from the world of entertainment? Tap News, and start streaming any news that you want to. Alongside each TV show and movie, you can view the number of languages in which its subtitles are available. As mentioned earlier, sharing favorite videos from within the app is also possible.

Viki-Android-Settings Viki-Android-Languages

From the app’s settings screen (tap Menu > Settings), you can enable/disable displaying video subtitles, choose the desired subtitle language, and select the required resolution for video streaming.

Not trying to nitpick here, but the support for selecting subtitle language of choice while streaming movies, and the option to submit your own subtitles, if added to the mix, would be more than a welcome addition to an otherwise impressive-looking prospect.

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