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Virtual Multitasking In Windows Phone 7

This may not appear very surprising, or it may seem rather obvious but the Windows Phone 7’s biggest bottleneck, lack of multitasking, may not be that much of a problem after all. Microsoft’s shiny new OS came under a lot of fire from Android and iOS 4 community for lacking a true multitasking solution, claiming that it is rather backward for an OS of 2010 to not support running multiple applications at the same time.

windows phone 7

As per Microsoft’s own specifications for WP7, it lacks multitasking (at least for now), but it doesn’t seem to be really a problem in daily use. Why, you may ask? Here’s why: launch an application on your new Windows Phone 7 device, hit the back button to reach the home interface again. Now start another app, and within the second app, press the back button twice to return exactly where you left in the first app. Virtual multitasking!

While it may not be as slick a solution as iOS or Android, it still works for an average user. Consider yourself playing a game, or performing any task that really couldn’t suffer getting closed in the middle, and you receive an SMS message. The predicament of having to sacrifice either your task or reading the message immediately is gone – go back home, read the message, and come back to your original application just like normal.

Until Microsoft comes up with a true multitasking solution, this is what users have to make do with, and I must say, it’s not that bad to begin with. Let us know your thoughts through your comments.

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