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Voice Answer Is A Chat Bot & Speech Based Search Engine For iPhone/iPad

Siri might be good-looking and popular, but as is generally the case, beauty and brains are rarely found in one place. You can ask Siri to set reminders for you, and ask her what dress she is wearing, but when you come to think of it, Siri’s knowledge is quite limited, and more often than not, it ends up pointing you to web search. Now imagine if there were some way of making Siri the most geekiest and knowledgeable bot in existence, won’t it be awesome? There is no such tweak or app app available just yet, but Voice Answer might be the next best option available. This newly released iPhone app will answer every question its users ask, no matter how technical or complicated. The app’s bot, named Eve, will solve mathematical equations for you, let you know all about scientific facts and historical figures, and will prove to be a pleasant companion when you are just bored and not really looking for some useful information.

Voice Answer iOS Voice Answer Bot Voice Answer Settings

There are two ways of posing questions to Voice Answer’s Eve. You can tap the robot’s face and speak the question, or you can type anything using the keyboard button provided on the main page. If you want to just have intelligent conversations with Eve, you can begin using Voice Answer as it is, but in case you are looking for some fun, turn on the Chatbot mode from the Settings menu within the app. In the same menu, it is possible to choose the number of answers which will be stored for offline viewing. When you are done with these configuration steps, came back to the main screen by hitting the Done button.

To see Voice Answer working its magic, hit the middle robot icon and ask any question. If, by chance, Eve does not know the answer to your question, she will strike a random conversation, but that is rarely the case, as the app’s database of knowledge is pretty impressive. One thing which makes Voice Answer all the more useful is its keyboard option, which lets you use the app just like any other search engine. The data provided by the app is quite extensive in most instances, and will include charts, images and references along with the text description.

Voice Answer will cost you $3.99, but the idea is pretty unique and is totally worth the dime. The app is universal, and optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

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