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Voice Share For WP7: Record & Share Sound Clips To Earn Achievements

At times, the simplest of apps could prove to be really popular among users, as they provide just the right balance between fun and usefulness. Voice Share for Windows Phone 7 just might be one such app. The concept behind the app is nothing really new, but the developer has combined a lot of different features to create a pretty neat product. The app lets users record voice clips, and then share them with friends via SMS or on Facebook. This might sound a bit boring, as there are many other voice recorders available for Mango as well, but Voice Share has the edge over them in the sense that it lets you add graphical badges to your shares, and has an achievements system of its own, giving it a game-like feel as well.

Voice Share WP7 Voice Share Home

Voice Share starts off with a short graphical tutorial, letting its users know how they can use the app. The interface is pretty unique, and you get the feeling that Voice Share really is a polished app. To begin recording a voice clip, tap the big microphone in the middle of the screen, and then say your message. When you are done recording, hit the same mic again, and that’s it. If you want, you can add a gift to the clip, which is a picture the app will send every time you share the clip. It can be considered the thumbnail of the voice clip. To hear what you have recorded, you can tap the Play button in the top right.

Voice Share Badge Voice Share Facebook Post

The gift can be added by hitting the ‘+’ button in the top bar. Not all gifts are free, and the ones with buy against them can be unlocked by earning different achievements. Although Voice Share does not require you to sign up for a new account, you have to link your Facebook profile with it in the Settings menu. Once that has been done, there is the share button with which you can post the clip to your own Facebook wall or to a friend’s. From this menu SMS sharing of the clip can occur as well. Each time you earn a new Voice Share badge, the app will post about it on your Facebook wall.

Voice Share is available as a free app in the Marketplace, and you can grab it by going to the link given below.

Download Voice Share

Update: Owing to its popularity on WP7, VoiceShare is now available for Android devices as well. You can check it out at the following link.

Download Voice Share (Android)

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