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Vote-Based Online Music Streaming App Jelli Radio Released For Android

Jelli Radio is a fun-filled music streaming app for Android and iOS-powered devices that utilizes the concept of crowdsourcing to play music tracks as per user votes. Yes, using the app, you can explore dozens of category/genre-based music stations to listen to only the tracks that you prefer. This can be done by voting for your favorite music tracks in real-time. To push your favorite track higher on the playlist, you need to vote up for it. The more up votes a track gets, the better chances for it to be played next. No need to listen to the dull music, as is the case with other music/radio streaming apps. Instead, with Jelli Radio, it’s you who’s in control of the tracks that should be played. That’s not all, the app also sports a native chat interface that allows music-loving Jelli users to share their thoughts with each other via text chats. Apart from that, you can manually search for music stations, add tracks to your favorites list to listen to them anytime you like, explore other user profiles, and keep a close tab on your recently played tracks.


When launched, the app prompts you to log in using your Jelli or Facebook account. New time users can sign up for a fresh account from within the app for free. To learn about the app’s features prior to using it, you can tap the How To Play link provided on the login screen.

Jelli-Radio-Android-Help1 Jelli-Radio-Android-Help2 Jelli-Radio-Android-Help3

The app’s homescreen presents all the featured radio channels under various tabs, namely All Stations, Favorites, On Air and By Genre. The menu button at the top-left side can be tapped to manually search a station for tracks, jump to the app’s homescreen, display the Favorites list, check out the list of recently explored stations, see your Jelli Radio personal profile, or launch the app’s settings screen.

Jelli-Radio-Android-Home Jelli-Radio-Android-Genre

Alongside each station, you can see its current streaming status, genre, the song that is currently being streamed and the total number of online users. All you need to do is navigate to your favorite station, and begin playing the track that you wish to.

Jelli-Radio-Android-Menu-Chat Jelli-Radio-Android-Vote-Favorite

While listening to a track, you can vote up/down for it by tapping the Rocks/Sucks button accordingly. Tapping the heart icon lets you add that particular track to your favorites list. Swiping the screen towards left reveals various tracks lined up for that particular station, and this is where the actual fun lies. In order to play your favorite track next, you must vote it up by hitting the tick button. Similarly, to exclude a track from the playlist, you can vote it out by tapping the cross button. The more votes for a track, the higher probability of it being played next. The total number of up and down votes are displayed besides each track.

Jelli-Radio-Android-List Jelli-Radio-Android-Settings

That’s not all, swiping towards left from this particular screen launches the app’s native chat interface from where you can start indulging in friendly chit chats with other Jelli users. The app supports music playback in the background, and automatically keeps changing tracks from the selected station as per user votes.

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