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Thumb For Android: Vote-Based Q&A App To Help You With Daily Decisions

While you’re mostly entirely on your own to answer the perplexing questions of life, sometimes it is more than helpful to get a quick little opinion (or a nice little thumbs up) from someone that could ease your decision-making process. What if these opinions/answers flow in from people from all across the world? Well, if you own a smartphone, then Thumb might prove to be more than handy to put an end to your woes. The opinion-oriented/vote-based Q&A app has been around on the iTunes App Store for quite some time while its Android variant has just made its way to the Market. With Thumb, you can post quick questions pertaining to literally any facet of life and get helpful answers supplemented by votes, comments and likes/dislikes. Conversley, you may help answering the queries of other users and earn yourself good rapport by accumulating a few Thumb points.


Thumb is quite similar in its concept to the famous Q&A based Ask.com app, however, the added support for posting questions with pictures, getting votes and comments/replies for your answers, the option to filter sources/users to get answers from and above all, the ultra-quick response from worldwide users make it a way better alternative to the app or any other similar app for that matter.

First-time users need to sign up with Thumb to log in to the app. Alternatively, you may simply use your existing Facebook account to log in.


From the app’s homescreen, tap Ask for Opinions to get answers to your own queries or Give Your Opinion to answer others’ questions by sharing your expertise. For each question that you wish to ask, you can:

  • Select your answering sources from general public, your friends from Facebook/Twitter, phone contacts and/or other Thumb users. There’s also an option to post all asked questions to your Facebook Wall and/or to your Twitter Timeline.
  • Attach a relevant image with your question by capturing a fresh snap, importing one from your gallery or fetching it from Google Images.
  • Select an appropriate category for your question


While you ponder over the possible answers that your queries might get, the app prompts you to quickly answer/vote the queries of other users. Each answer can be commented on and/or a vote up or down. As soon as you post an answer, the app updates you about the voting information for that particular question and brings up a new question on your screen. From the Vote tab, you may filter questions by your friends or by various categories.

The Results section contains a couple of additional tabs for your questions as well as your posted answers along all the voting info and comments. You have the choice to filter just the votes or the comments. Any replies to posted comments can also be made from this screen. Finally, the Me tab on the app’s homescreen displays your Thumb profile and your earned points/stars.


All in all, the app could prove to be a handy companion in helping you quickly decide what color to wear for the upcoming party at night or whether you should opt to flash CyanogenMod 7 on your new Android device instead of the crowd-favorite MIUI custom ROM. We were quite impressed by the swift response of the users and the quality of answers that our questions were able to generate during a brief test run of the app.

Update: At the time this review was first written, the app was called Opinionaided. It has now been renamed to Thumb, and the article has been updated accordingly.

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