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Wake HTC EVO 3D With Swipe Gesture Mod [How To]

HTC EVO 3DWaking up your Android device via the old Power button, is not exactly the most convenient way at hand. If you own a device that has a physical button on the front, like the G2, Galaxy S, Galaxy SII and a few more, you can use those buttons to wake up the device, and if that isn’t allowed by default, you got mods out there that let you do that. However, devices like the EVO 3D have no physical buttons on the front, you have the Power and the Volume keys, that’s it. What then? Well then you have an app called PGM – Ponury Gesture Mod built specifically for the EVO 3D by XDA-Developers forum member bponury.

The app is in fact a kernel module, that allows users to wake / unlock their EVO 3D by swipe gestures on the screen rather than pressing the traditional Power button. Additionally, you can also lock the device in the same manner as you would to wake / unlock it. Normally, most mods involve going around flashing zip files via recovery or replacing system files, however, you can easily install this mod through an app that is available on the Android Market.

The only pre requisite here is that the device needs to be rooted in order to work as designed to. The app gives you the ability to customize the gestures and more to quite some extent.

Ponury Gesture Mod  Ponury Gesture Mod

Ponury Gesture ModSo if you have a rooted HTC EVO 3D (see our guide on rooting the HTC EVO 3D), you can give this Mod a shot, by installing the app via the link given below.

Download PGM – Ponury Gesture Mod

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