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WallitApp: Share Thoughts With Everyone At A Certain Location [iPhone]

Whenever you go to a new place, you are bound to learn a lot of useful stuff about it and gain many new experiences, which are worth sharing with others who are to come to that place after you. WallitApp acts as your very own portable guestbook for all the places you visit. Be it a restaurant or a historical monument, with WallitApp, you can leave your own graffiti there for everyone to see. The best (and unique) thing about this iOS app is that you actually have to be at a place physically in order to create a wall entry associated with it. WallitApp uses your current location to make sure that you are near enough from a wall, and then you can post any video, photo or text to it.

Wallit iPhone Wallit Walls Wallit Grafitti

Although the concept behind WallitApp is excellent, there is one major drawback, and that is the availability of only a limited number of locations for the app. This means that only a handful of “walls” have yet been created, and you can not post anything unless you are lucky enough to be near one of them. However, things aren’t all doom and gloom. It is possible to view wall posts no matter where you are, you just can’t post there from another location. Also, it is pretty easy to request a wall near your area by going to the app’s setting a sending a Twitter update, requesting the WallitApp team to create a new wall for you. All the existing locations can be found in the Walls section, and you can search through them as well. To locate walls near you, there is option to use the app’s Radar feature, whose range can be changed using the slider on top. The post on each wall is visible publicly, and the top bar also displays your distance from that location. The app will notify you when you are close enough to post on a wall. A timestamp is added to each wall entry as well.

Wallit Post Wallit Attachment Options Wallit Photo Effects

If you are publishing a post of your own to a wall, it is possible to attach a photo, video or audio clip to the post as well. WallitApp has some pretty impressive photo editing options which let users Draw or add Text to a photo. There are also options to enhance and add effects to photos. The collection of effects in the app is pretty impressive, and you can apply them with a single click.

WallitApp has the potential to be really successful, as long as the number of available locations start increasing exponentially. The app is available as free download for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and you can grab it at the link below.

Download WallitApp

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