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Warnygo: Create & View Alerts For Emergency Situations In Your Area [WP7]

There are many apps in the Marketplace, but only a fraction of them are meant for social welfare, which is what makes Warnygo for Windows Phone 7 a rare entry. The app allows you to help others, providing an opportunity to form a community in which everyone can contribute by reporting emergencies in their vicinity. The app is not just for emergency situations, though. You can use it for staying up to date with other incidents as well, such as a celebrity visiting your city, or a gig taking place nearby. More after the break.

Warnygo Categories Warnygo Featured

It is possible to benefit from the threads (or Warnies, as they are called in the app) even without having to sign up for a new Warnygo account, but if you want to report an incident yourself, you will have to sign up. Creating a new account is easy, and takes nothing more than your email ID, along with a new username and password. Warnygo will let its user view different threads, depending upon the type of incidents they point to. The new section shows recent activity, while you can also view the events category-wise. If you are just in the mood for browsing through random Warnies, go to the featured section or use the search button in the bottom bar.

Warnygo Warny Warnygo Details Warnygo Map

Once you have found a thread which is of interest to you, you have to subscribe to it, so that each time there is some activity in it, Warnygo can notify you immediately. Each Warny displays its creator’s name, along with the number of posts and subscribers associated with it. You can pin a Warny to your phone’s Start screen, and post a Warny of your own within a specific thread. It is also possible to view a particular incident’s location of occurrence on the map, and you can share it over your social network as well. To make sure that you are not bombarded with requests and reports that are related to areas too far away from your current location to bother you, Warnygo uses the concept of Zones. Each zone is a range around any point on the map, and whenever a new Warny is posted within that range, only then will you be notified by the app.

Warnygo has a free, as well as premium ($2.99) version, but both only have minor differences (like the permission to define unlimited zones if you are a premium user). You can find the web Marketplace links for both the versions below.

Download Warnygo

Download Warnygo Premium

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