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Watch Free Streaming Movies And TV Shows On Android With Droid Streamer

Droid Streamer AndroidWant to watch Avatar on your Android phone? How about The Simpsons? South Park, anyone? Droid Streamer is a free app that lets you watch these movies, TV shows and more without any downloads, conversions, encoding, transfers or ripping, by directly streaming them from online sources right to your Android device. Read on for more details.

Droid streamer is any movie and TV watcher’s dream come true. It lets you watch streamed TV shows and movies right on your Android phone without having to go through the trouble of downloading or ripping them, encoding them into formats suitable for your phone, or even manually transferring them to your phone’s storage. It does not host the videos itself but rather streams videos found on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

The currently available TV shows include:

  • The Simpsons
  • South Park
  • Scrubs
  • Family Guy
  • NCIS
  • Two and a Half Men
  • and many more.

The presently available movies are:

  • Avatar
  • Terminator 1, 2 and 3
  • Iron Man 1 and 2
  • and many more.

The application is presently in beta stage and you might experience some issues at times, including some missing or non-working movies / TV shows. You can install Droid Streamer for free from the Android Market Google Play Store using the link below.

Update: There is also an alpha version available now at the  Droid Streamer website. It features the latest Holo theme introduced by Google in ICS, and looks pretty good. You can grab a copy of its APK file from the Droid Streamer website link given below and sideload it to your phone using a file manager of your choice. With the relaunch of the app, the developers are planning on offering a premium membership now that will provide registered users access to premium video content for a price. Do keep in mind that this version is currently in alpha stage and there might be several issues that need to be ironed out. If you want a more stable version, stick with the beta from the Play Store instead.

Droid Streamer Beta works on Android 1.6 or higher, while the Alpha version supports Android 2.0 or higher. Both versions offer free access to the content listed above and some more, while the premium content will be available through the latest version only. The app is in active development and we are likely to see many improvements being made and perhaps new features rolled out, along with more content added.

Download Droid Streamer for Android

Visit Droid Streamer Website


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