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Weather Stats For WP7: View The Climate Data Of Any City In the World

After reading the title of this post, you might be thinking along the lines of “Here comes yet another weather app for Windows Phone 7”, but think again – Weather Stats is not just any weather app which will tell you if it will rain in your city today or not – there are many other apps for that (like AccuWeather and Weather Channel). Weather Stats is all about information, and detailed data. This useful Mango app showcases the climate data from just about all the weather stations in the world. Not only that, the app is also really useful if you want to learn the average temperature and rainfall values of any part of the world.

Weather Stats Countries Weather Stats Map

Weather Stats starts up with a list of all the countries in the world, shown in an alphabetical order. As proudly displayed on the homepage of the app, Weather Stats’ sizable database incorporates 250 countries, more than 26,000 cities and close to a 100,000 weather stations. Seeing the huge proportions across which the app’s database is spread, it might prove to be impractical to sift through the country list to arrive at your destination. To solve this problem, you can simply launch Weather Stats’ map and navigate to the general vicinity of the city you are looking for. Alternatively, you can use the search bar and type the name of the desired destination.

Weather Stats Station Weather Stats Temperature Weather Stats Precipitation

When you find the weather station you were looking for, just tap the label displayed next to it in the map and you will be taken to the dedicated page where all the relevant data can be found. You can zoom in and out of the map in the station’s page, and there is also the option to switch between aerial and road views of the map. If you swipe to the right, you can view average temperature, average highs & lows as well as the average yearly precipitation in the area. All these statistics are broken down into monthly intervals, and a line chart is presented to show the changes in a graphical form.

Weather Stats Settings Weather Stats Charts Settings

Weather Stats offers pretty good customization options as well, which can be found under the Settings menu. In this menu you can convert temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit, toggle on your GPS (allowing the app to access your current location), and also choose the country for which you want to view the stats. Swiping right in the Settings menu will bring up customizing options for Charts, where you can change the way graphs appear for stats in the app.

Weather Stats is a free app, and if you would like to know all about the climate of any part of the globe, head to the link below and grab this app.

Download Weather Stats

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