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Weave Is A Good-Looking News Reader For Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 might be lagging way behind Android and iOS in terms of number of users and available apps, but that does not mean there is a shortage of some really cool WP7 apps. Almost all functionalities have been covered in the 25,000+ apps present in the Marketplace, but new apps are coming out every day in the quest to achieve that something extra which will entice new users to use the Mango platform. One advantage that WP7 developers enjoy over other platforms is the fact that Mango phones don’t come with too many stock apps, and there is room for a lot of services to become staple features of a user’s day. This holds true for news readers as well, and although there are plenty of news readers out there, Weave is one extremely elegant option available to you if you like to stay in touch with the latest developments pertaining to any topic of your choice.

Weave FeaturedWeave CategoryWeave Tasks

Weave is a free app which you can use to read any news feed by choosing the categories you are interested in. While setting the app up you are asked to select the categories which interest you (for example, Humor, Fashion, Windows Phone, etc.). And that’s all you have to do to set it up. Pretty simple, right? That’s not all though, you can create a whole new category if you want and add the feeds of your choice to it.

Next comes Weave’s home screen which is sure to light up your world with its bright color scheme and refreshing interface. Whichever categories you chose will be listed on the homepage, just tap the one you want to browse and you will get all the recent posts filed under it.
Featured screen contains the most highly read posts filed under any of your chosen categories. You can think of it as a Breaking News page.
Tasks screen lets you manage all the feeds you are currently subscribed to. Don’t see content from a source you really like? You can add the news feed of your choice to a pre-defined category too.

Weave Text SettingsWeave Article Settings

As is expected, the Settings menu in Weave allows users to customize the app any way you want. Sharing options are pretty awesome, with a built-in Facebook, SMS, Instapaper, Twitter and E-Mail button beneath each article.
All in all, Weave is everything you could wish for in a news reader, and it’s free (with a paid version expected soon), so head over to the download link given below and grab this outstanding deal right now.

Download Weave

[via WPCentral]

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