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When Apple released the iPad, although it took the world by storm and began the new tablet revolution pretty much the same way as the release of the iPhone had taken the world by the storm and begun the smartphone revolution, still many were disappointed due to the iPad’s lack of a camera. If you were one of those disappointed at having an iPad without an integrated webcam, then its your time to rejoice! There is a company named PhotoFast, which has ultimately come out with an iPad webcam. Read on for more details.


Many may argue against the idea of having a camera on a tablet for taking pictures but lets not forget that the only purpose of a camera on a digital computing device isn’t photography. The large screen size of the iPad and its portability factor makes it an excellent choice for video chatting, and a web cam can come real handy when it comes to that. Apart from that, doing some casual photography on the go (for display pictures for instance) and editing them on the large touch screen can be a breeze on a tablet as well.

According to the picture you can see above, the specs of this external camera include 640×480 pixels motion picture plus a capability to work with IM apps! The connecting cable seems to be exactly the same as that of a iPad charging one, fitting into the proprietary port of the device.

We still can’t figure out the exact mega pixel count of this webcam, because as per the box ( visible in the picture above) it says it is a 200 megapixel unit, which obviously can’t be true! We’re guessing it’s a 2.0 megapixel camera, and they have missed the decimal point, though we can’t be sure about that at this poit. In terms of the appearance, this webcam seems to be somewhat similar to the latest Microsoft webcams launched lately.

We still have no idea how exactly this webcam and iPad connection will occur when it comes to the software. It seems that this company might have a iTunes or Cydia app for this, but will Apple allow anything other than it’s munched apple logo bearing accessory to connect to it’s iPad externally?

We leave the decision making to you but in case this thing ever materializes for sure, it will be huge for iPad users who love to video chat through IM apps on their iPad.

[via pocket-lint]

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