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Webmaster For WP7: Keep Track Of A Website’s Analytics On The Go

If you are a blogger, or are running a monetized web service, then you must know the importance of keeping an eye on your website’s page rank and other analytical statistics. However, it is not always possible to sit in front of a computer to view all such information. So, if you are on Windows Phone 7, now you can use the newly released free app, Webmaster, and see any site’s page rank and all other relevant stats. Not only that, the app also keeps the sites you visit saved in its homepage list, and you can keep track of their page rank at a single glance. Webmaster is the sort of app that can prove to be useful for both serious website admins and ordinary visitors.

Webmaster WindowsPhone Webmaster WP7

Using Webmaster is really simple. It has an interface that is quite minimalistic, and all the data provided within the app is either in white or red. A few example sites are already added to the app’s websites list. To view their content, just tap the site’s name, and you will be given a complete list of stats related to it. You can also add any website to the given list by tapping the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen. Just put in its DNS, and after a short pause, you will be taken to that site’s statistics page. If you choose, the site can also be added to the home websites list, showing its current page rank every time Webmaster is launched.

Webmaster Add Website Webmaster Stats

The information showcased by the app is pretty comprehensive, and starts with the parent website’s IP address and location. You also get to know the site’s Alexa Rank, views per visit and Whois info. Webmaster also shows a page’s creation and expiration date, along with hosts and subdomains registered under it.

Webmaster is a free app, although ad-supported. If it gets a live tile, the app will become just about perfect. Other than that, the data displayed by the app is pretty extensive, and you can get a really good idea of what any website is all about just by a look at its dedicated page in the app. So if you are an administrator of a site, or just want to view the stats of a blog, Webmaster is the perfect app for you. You can give the app a go by going to the web Marketplace link provided below.

Download Webmaster for Windows Phone

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