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WeeCloseApps: Use An NC Slider To Kill Background Apps [Cydia]

The task switcher tray is a really useful feature of iOS, as it allows you to navigate among multiple apps at a quick pace. However, its usefulness decreases as the number of apps in it increases. If you have a lot of apps in the task switcher tray, you will have to spend more time looking for the one you actually want to resume using, and that is why it is important to keep the task switcher relatively clean. There are many Cydia tweaks which let you kill background apps in bulk, like the previously covered KillBackground for automatically keeping the App Switcher tray clean, and there are even some Notification Center widgets that serve the purpose like WeeKillBackground. WeeCloseApps is another Notification Center widget which lets you kill background apps, but apart from that, it offers some additional functions as well, and has a refined interface.

WeeCloseApps Settings WeeCloseApps NC iPhone

After WeeCloseApps has been installed to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5, you have to enable it from the stock Settings app. To do so, go to the Notifications section in Settings and toggle on the tweak. Apart from that menu, WeeCloseApps adds a whole new section to the Settings app as well, and you can configure it from there. As the tweak consists of nothing but a slider, there are just two gestures it can perform, left drag and right drag. There are a few actions which can be configured against these gestures. You can choose to close the Notification Center, kills all background apps, kill only the most recent one and you can also choose to kill music by toggling on that particular setting.

The tweak can be configured so as to dismiss the NC automatically whenever you perform a kill operation, and you may enable that by toggling on the option marked Auto Dismiss NC. A pretty useful tweak, and for free, jailbroken iOS users can give it a try by going to the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store. WeeCloseApps appears to be a Notification Center widget that combines a lot of good App Switcher cleaners of the past. Apart from deleting apps in the background, the widget can prove to be a useful addition to your NC if you like performing tasks based on gestures but without relinquishing any control over the functionality. The tweak can become even better if its interface gets a bit improved, reflecting the mode that is currently chosen for the slider.

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