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Werdsmith For iPhone/ iPad: Keep Track Of Progress In Writing Projects

If you do a lot of typing on your iOS device, then most likely you are not satisfied with the stock Notes app in your iPhone or iPad. Despite being pretty usable and effective, there are a few features which are clearly missing in Apple’s note-taker. For instance, if you want to keep track of the word count in a document, you won’t be able to do that without installing a third-party app. Werdsmith is one such app, which will let you create notes with ease, and it will also manage all aspects of any writing-related project. The app is not just another note-taker. It subtly motivates you to write more, and write faster. The app has a set of really nice benchmarks of its own that keep users continuously aware of their progress in any given project.

Werdsmith Werdsmith Ideas

Instead of notes, Werdsmith calls the documents you create by the name of Ideas. To add a new Idea to the app’s repository, just tap the ‘+’ button in the top of Ideas menu. For every new idea you create, you will have to choose its target word count, along with a title. To save a newly created note, hit the Settings icon at the top, and add it to a new project. All your projects will be saved in the Ideas menu. The best part of Werdsmith is the display of remaining percentage of words. At all times, the app will show the extent to which you have edged closer to the set target. Werdsmith comes with an option to set up your Writing Ritual, which is actually any hour of the day at which you prefer writing. The app will set off an alarm to remind you at this chosen time.

Once a project has been completed, it will be added to your portfolio in the app, and you can share it with anyone via email. There is a slight catch though; if you want to store more than 14 projects at a time in Werdsmith, you will have make an in-app purchase of $2.99. However, you can keep using the app by deleting older projects and saving new ones in their place. To ensure that your notes remain safe with the service, Werdsmith syncs them with the cloud. You can enable the cloud syncing option from the settings menu of the app (it is disabled by default).

Download Werdsmith for iOS

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