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weScribble For Android Lets You Draw With Your Friends Over Wi-Fi

There are countless applications on the Android Market developed for the sole purpose of providing the user with a few moments of fun every now and then. For instance, you can easily find an that lets you kill some spare hours scribbling, doodling, drawing or sketching your thoughts on a blank canvas. Similarly, you may find certain apps that let you indulge in some fun activities with your mates dwelling a few hundred kilometers from you. Then there are a vast number of games that can keep your attention and interests captivated for prolonged hours. How about getting your hands on an app that merges all three said concepts together?  If you’re fond of said genre of apps, weScribble is a fresh entry you might want to try out. The extremely simple and fun-to-use freeware allows Android users connected to the same Wi-Fi network to draw on a shared canvas, promising hours of fun with friends and family. Doodles galore! Perhaps, an ideal way to play tic-tac-toe with your buddies on your smartphone. The beauty of weScribble lies in the fact that it lets multiple players join in the fun, so that you can have hours of non-stop fun with your friends and family members.

All the application requires the user to do is to connect to a Wi-Fi network, launch the application and start scribbling. The virtual drawing board is shared across all Android devices on the same Wi-Fi network that have the app installed. That is, whatever you draw on the canvas appears, after a variable delay, on every other device on the network that is running the application. However, once the connection is established with all the participants, rest assured it’d last for as long as your doodling session goes on, or someone, mischievously switches off your router.

Running weScribble on same WiFi net

Users can save their progress to their SD cards in the form of image files. Image files are saved in PNG format to the \weScribble directory. To save a screen, simply press menu and tap Save. You can also pick a new color to draw with from within the application menu. Press menu and tap Color to display the color palette.

weScribble For AndroidColor Palette

Now that we have been introduced to an app like weScribble, we are sure that in the coming days, we will be able to enjoy the feature of remote doodling over the internet as well. Check out the video demonstration of the application below.

You can grab weScribble from the Market for free via the link below.

Download weScribble: drawing together For Android

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